Accessing Credo Online Reference Services

If your library subscribes to Credo, you may be able to access using one of these methods:

  • IP Authentication – access automatically from inside the library or on your school’s campus

  • Proxy access – Login to your library’s portal using school or library supplied credentials

  • Library card login – enter your library card number

  • Username and password – enter school or library supplied username/password – you may need to contact your library for this information

  • Shibboleth or OpenAthens login


    If you are accessing from within the library or on-campus, you should be logged in by IP. If you are remote, or if IP access is not properly configured, you will see this page:

  1. The closest libraries that subscribe to Credo Reference will be listed on the screen. Clicking the name of your library will bring you to the chosen authentication method selected by your library.  If you have any questions about passwords or login credentials, please contact your library.

    If you do not belong to one of these libraries, click the "Other Login Options" tab to reveal the other choices:

  2. “Search for your library” box allows you to search for your library by name.

  3. “Find your library by location” box allows you to search for your library by location.

  4. "Enter your library card information" allows you to enter a barcode or other ID number. This will only work if your library has enabled this function.

  5. If your library has provided you with a Credo username/password, click on "Enter your username & password" to input them. Please note that this is a Credo username and password, not a library proxy or portal log-in. If you do not know your institution’s username/password, please contact your library.