Topic Pages: Tour

You'll find over 10,000 Topic Pages on Credo Reference.  A place to begin your research, Topic Pages begin with an article from your Credo title list offering solid background information on your topic of interest.  Once you have gathered your background information, scroll down to see what other topical information is available from your library.  Discover your other library resources, while grounding yourself in citable, reputable background information.

For a guide to a Topic page, please refer to the diagram and key below:


  1. Topic Page name and basic reference article. This article is taken from Credo's content and is intended to offer that basic overview of the topic, complete with full citation. You will see only a paragraph or two of the article. To read the entire article, click the “Continue Reading” link beneath the article blurb.
  2. Images & Videos : A display of images and videos that relate to your Topic from your Credo title list or other library resources. Click an image to be brought to the full text of the Credo article, or if it is an image from a non-Credo database, you will leave the Credo platform and be taken to that hosting platform in a new tab or window.
  3. "Research Articles": Credo Entries. The top three relevant reference article results from your Credo title list are displayed.  Click the name of the entry to read the full text.  Click “See more from Credo” to see more entries beyond the top three.
  4. "Mind Map":  Click this box to run a Mind Map search on your Topic Page term. Clicking the box will bring you to a new tab to see the resulting Mind Map.
  5. Related Topics.  Here you’ll see a list of other Topic Pages that relate in some way to your current Topic.  Click a link in this box to be taken to a new Topic Page.
  6. "Explore your other library resources and databases". This section displays results from your library’s other trusted resources. This example only has three article databases listed. Depending on how your library's account is configured, your Topic Pages may have several or none at all. If they're enabled, you can see results from your EBSCO, Gale, Proquest, JSTOR, etc subscriptions all under “Articles.”  We display the top three results. To read the full text, click the entry heading. You will then leave Credo and be taken to the hosting platform to continue your reading on that platform. To see more results, click “See more from...”
  7. "Search other sites".  List of library databases chosen by the library to display for further research.  Click the name of the database to be taken directly to your library's subscription to that platform.