Saving content to the platform

Credo Reference allows researchers to save results in a number of ways.  For convenient saving of multiple articles while conducting research on the Credo platform, you can choose the saving feature that allows you to save items to a folder.  The folder icon is located in the top toolbar.  Save items on the results page, Topic Page, entry page or Find a Book page using the folder icon pictured in the screenshots below.  Please note, saving to the folder is a session based option.  This is not a means to save items permanently.  It allows you to quickly store items of interest during your Credo research for easy export at the end of your session.  See images below for more information.

Save from a results page

Saved Results 1

Save from a Topic Page or Entry Page

Saved Results 2

Saved Results

Once you have selected all of the information you’d like to save, click the link Folder Icon from the top toolbar. Use the diagram below to see the specific tools for saving results.

  1. Saved Results Icon: This is where your saved results will be stored with a number of total saved results. Clicking this link will bring you to the page pictured below.
  2. My Saved Results: Your Topic Page and Reference Article saved items will be listed here.
  3. Actions: Use these options to share the links listed above.
  4. Format: Choose your citation format or if you'd like the full text to be transmitted
  5. Email: Email this list to yourself

Saved Results 4