Using Advanced Search

Advanced Search offers more flexible searching options. See the guide below for help in navigating our Advanced Searching page.

Advanced Search

  1. These are search boxes that allow the researcher more precise searching.  Follow the instructions on the screen to search for exact phrases, similar sounding words, words to avoid, etc.

  2. Search Limiters allow a researcher to call results only from specific groups, for example from specific titles, or entries with certain features like audio files or videos. (See image below)

  3. Select an option with which to determine your search results.  Relevance is the default.  For the  most recent e-book entries, select “Publication Date”; to sort entries by word count with longest first, select “Length”.

  4. Selecting this box will cause the search to only query entry headings, rather than the full text of articles as well.

Advanced Search

Select specific titles in which to run your search by placing a check next to each title.  The results page will only entries from selected titles.  (You can also run a search within one title from that book's table of contents page).